3 Ways to Change Your Life

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When I think back to why I left, it is always a blur.


To be honest, I don’t think I knew what I was doing at all. 


There was only one thing I knew positively… my life didn’t feel right. I kept catching myself thinking, “is this really it?”


I now realize that there were a million different paths that I could have taken to quench my desire for more. The route I took is a bit on the extreme side, dropping everything and leaving. That’s just the way I do things though.


Luckily, while traveling, studying, and learning, I have realized the true reasoning behind my discomfort. I think this applies to more people than just me, so if you are anything like me, let me save you some time and money.


The thing I have been chasing and searching for is GROWTH.


I was no longer growing in my previous life. Sitting at a stale job, driving in mind-numbing traffic, living in a white walled apartment, waiting to head back to work. The worst part of all is that I thought I was the best I could be at my job, ensuring growth stopped in my work life as well.


Looking back now, just by changing my perception of the environment I was in, I could have changed my life into what I wanted it to be.


Just remember that you only have control over THREE things in the ENTIRE world. Those three things are YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR ACTIONS, and THE IMAGES YOU VISUALIZE.


If you change your thoughts and the images you visualize, you will almost definitely change your mindset about life. Remember there is always room to grow, even if your environment seems stale. Today, try to take a look at everything through another’s eye. Try to see the value and skills that other people have, instead of focusing on what they lack.


Surround yourself with people who have DIFFERENT skills than you and appreciate them for their STRENGTHS.


I know it isn’t easy for certain types of people, trust me, I’m one of them!


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