What to Expect When RVing Yellowstone

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It feels so good to have internet again!!


After wandering through Yellowstone National Park for the better half of a week, it feels good to reenter society!


As always, I will start with the campground. I stayed at the beautiful Fishing Bridge Campground for 2 nights. This was my homebase for all the time I spent within the park. This particular site, which is the largest of all the campgrounds in the park, has a whopping 340 spots available! This is a huge campground and a testament to just how many tourists stay at this park during the summer months.


Before I mention the price tag, let’s talk about some of the amenities this site offers.


  • Showers and Bathrooms located ONLY in main office building. I can’t comment on the women’s bathroom, but the men’s had only 2 toilets and 8 showers. This means that there are 340 sites and only 1 bathroom… not the most pleasant thing in the world. As if that wasn’t enough, each night of camping only includes 2 showers, regardless of how many people are with you! After you have used the initial showers, each consecutive shower is $4.20! Simply obnoxious.


  • Coin operated laundry is also available in the main office. When combined with the bathrooms/showers and people constantly checking in and out, this becomes one hell of a cramped space.


  • Dumpsters are located throughout the park, making trash disposal very simple.


  • Every site has full hookups!


Okay now that the amenities have been covered, let’s check the price tag. The price for my 30 amp site with full hookups was, dun dun DUNN… $54.00 after tax!!!


This price tag makes the Fishing Bridge Campground the most expensive campground I have ever stayed at!


Not only is this campground expensive and lacking amenities; the power also went out BOTH nights I stayed there!


Okay okay, aside from the campground, I’m sure you want to know how Yellowstone National Park is. I’ll just use one word… AMAZING.


As with the Badlands, I had never before experienced landscapes and wildlife like this in my entire life. The views were breathtaking, the landmarks mesmerizing, and the animals majestic. I could not have asked for a more wonderful park.


During my time in the park, I was able to get a close look at a couple of grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, and coyotes! I even had a buffalo walk right past my truck, pausing only ONE FOOT from my face!! Crazy experience!


As you travel through, be sure to spend time at the smaller attractions. The more popular things like Old Faithful and the Prismatic Springs are amazing, but much more built up and crowded. I would recommend going south and checking out the Grand Tetons too!


So now for the ratings!


Yellowstone National Park – 10/10 – MUST SEE – One of the most beautiful places I have visited in my lifetime! A bit touristy.


Fishing Bridge Campground – 3/10 – Great location, full hookups, nice staff, expensive, lack of amenities for the price, multiple power outages.


Grand Tetons – 10/10 – Absolutely stunning mountain range just south of Yellowstone National Park.


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