How to Find the Cheapest Campground

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When you are living on the road full time, bouncing from campground to campground, you have to learn how to save as much money as possible on stays.


There are a couple different types of campgrounds and they all sit at different price points.


The CHEAPEST and LEAST accommodating are usually run by the state and MIGHT offer a vault toilet. Many of these campgrounds don’t have any amenities at all, yet the majority I have stayed at have been well kept for the most part. In high traffic areas these may cost up to 8 dollars a night, however, it is all on the honor system. Help keep these places around by PAYING and NOT utilizing the free sites for more than the maximum number of days. You would be surprised how many people try to take advantage of free sites, staying for months at a time.


If you don’t mind traveling a little further out, this next suggestion is for you. When planning a trip in the RV, odds are there is some attraction you are headed towards. If you have a bit of a budget, but can unhitch or have a tow vehicle, you may want to consider staying a little out of the way. Some of the cheapest places I have found are about a 20 minute drive from national and state parks. This price is slashed again if you can survive without sewer and water hookups! I am currently staying at a site with only electric, about 30 minutes from Glacier National Park, for only 117 dollars a week. This comes with clean showers, water tap, laundry room, free internet, THE WORKS! 


Now, if you want to live a little more luxuriously, but still save money there is the full hookup option. Full hookups, which include water, electric, and sewer, are available at these outlying sites as well. The campground I am currently at offers full hookup sites for 200 dollars a week, or $180 if you are a Good Sam member. Considerable less than the $400+ weekly price at campgrounds which sit 10 minutes closer to the park!


So how do you find all these hidden gems?!


Well there are a ton of different apps and websites which I use, and so many more I haven’t had the opportunity to test out.


Some of my current favorites are:



  1. ParkAdvisor
  2. RV Parky



  1. ALLSTAYS – probably the best website there is whether you are trying to park overnight for free at a Walmart or staying somewhere for the season!
  2. Did I mention Allstays?


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