First 30 Days Full Timing

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If you are considering full timing, let me tell you now, it isn’t all fun and games!


The downside of a 5th wheel is you have all the issues that normally occur in a house, with the added bonus of car trouble!


As I write this, I have been living full time in my 5th wheel for a little over a month. This has not been an easy journey, but every day is an adventure! I have seen more beautiful places in the last month than ever before in my life. My happiness has increased ten fold and I am enjoying every second of every day.


With that being said, let’s talk about some of the issues I have faced in the first 30 days on the road.


The first problem I encountered was mostly due to the drastic temperature change from Virginia to Michigan. After arriving, I realized that the tire pressure was very low on my 5th wheel. The tires, which were supposed to be at 65 psi, were at a flat 35! This was dangerously low and made for sketchy turns.


After inflating the tires to the correct PSI, I immediately hit my second snag. While packing up to leave my first campground, I realized the 30 amp power cable was charred! It was only then I realized the power cable was laying against the heater exhaust. Due to poor design, the cable had melted while resting on the exhaust.


With the help of electrical tape and a clip to keep the power cable away from the exhaust, I was able to remedy the issue. 


Traveling for another week and picking my brother up at the airport, I ran into yet another power issue. There was no power to any of the outlets on the lower level of my trailer! After banging my head against the wall for a couple days, we brought it to the dealership in Sioux Falls, SD. There they discovered the slide had pinched one of the power cables on it’s way back in. A few cables had to be reconnected and electrical tape applied liberally.


Finally, the latest issue I had was due to lack of maintenance. As I prepared to set off, I may have been a bit too excited and overlooked a few things. One of those was the air filter on my truck! My filter was actually so dirty that my Chevy gave me a low engine power warning! Luckily google was there for me! After banging out my air filter to get a few more miles, I found a really nice K&N filter with a million mile warranty. I figure why spend 60 dollars every 15k miles when you could spend 100 dollars once!


That’s it! All my issues in the first 30 days. I like to think I did a pretty good job prepping for the road, but as you can see there are always a few things that slip through the cracks.


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