New Goal : 10K Subscribers

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Well I just made a bet with my brother that I would get 10,000 subscribers on Youtube by the end of the year.




With 500 dollars on the line, that means it’s time to put my nose to the grindstone.


After this month I will be going back to traveling alone once again. When that happens, I don’t plan on taking a single day or even a single hour off. Pedal to the metal!


As my subscriber count and views increases, I will be sharing any tips or tricks I learn along the way to better improve your own Youtube channel or blog as well.


If I am successful in my goal, I will be doing a 10K GIVEAWAY as well! The prize will most likely be a camera or some RV equipment, depending on what is most popular at the time.


Looking back on 2017, it is crazy to see how much I and many others have grown! I have met tons of cool people through social media and look forward to finishing out the year strong!


With that being said, my focus over the next couple of months is going to be mainly video. I am still going to write a blog post every Tuesday and Thursday, but the topic may overlap with a video I put out.


For the rest of this year, the BEST place to see my content, and really get the most out of it, is going to be on YOUTUBE.


Thanks for reading everyone! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel!


Find me on all social media @fifthwheelfeel

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