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While sitting in my 5th wheel outside of Glacier National Park, I received a DM from a young man in high school. This individual was considering his options after grade school and, in an attempt to figure out where he wanted to direct his future, has been messaging full time travelers.


I was intrigued by his curiosity at such a young age. This conversation made me think; there may be other young people out there who may be curious about the lifestyle and want to know a little more.


So, I thought I would share the brief interview in hopes that it may benefit another individual at some point in the future. Enjoy! 


What was your lifestyle before 5th wheel living?


Before this, I was in the military. (Both a job and a lifestyle.)

What made you decide to live by 5th wheel?


I moved in because it is a cheap way to travel the country and I didn’t want to fall into some shit job I hated and waste the best years of my life.

How did you make the transition from YOur old life to 5th wheel living?


Transitioning was easy, I saved 50 percent of my income for a year, got out of the military, got out of my lease, and lived in my truck for a bit until I got my 5th wheel. (Also at my dad’s house for a month, thanks dad!)

Anything you wish you knew before you started?


There are a million things I wish I knew before I started. I try to mention them as they come up on my Youtube channel.

What the biggest regret you have about 5th wheel living?


I don’t regret ANYTHING about this lifestyle.

Did you go to college and has that effected the traveling life at all, and if you didn’t go, do you regret going and if not, do you regret not going?


I went to college for a bit. I have an associates degree and a dozen certification, as I was a network engineer prior. The certifications have been helpful in getting work, the college degree not so much. I don’t regret anything that I have done to further my education.

How did your parents/family react to your 5th wheel living decision?


My parents think what I am doing is pretty cool. I was a bit older than 18 when I started though.

Best story from the road?


There are too many awesome stories to choose from, but I have seen 5 grizzly bears since I started and every day is an adventure. I tell every awesome story on my Youtube channel! 

Favorite record and or book?


Two books, Think and Grow Rich; How to Win Friends & Influence People.


It was a fun little interview and I hope you enjoyed!


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out my Youtube Channel!


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