RV Maintenance BEFORE You Leave!

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You finally got some time off work! As you pack up the RV and start down the road, an odd sound keeps catching your ear.


What’s that black smoke coming up from under the hood?


Preparation is key when it comes to traveling in any RV!


Let’s get started by going through all the basic vehicle upkeep that should be done PRIOR TO getting out on the road!


Vehicle Maintenance:


  • Change your fluids! You NEED to check and change any fluids (oil, transmission fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, etc.) AND continue to check them throughout your trip!


  • Check your tires for tread and replace if necessary!


  • Make sure all of your filters have enough life to last you the whole trip! To include air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter. If you have a cabin air filter you will want to check it as well!


  • While you’re at it, consider replacing your windshield wipers. If a downpour comes out of nowhere, you want to be prepared.


5th Wheel/Travel Trailer/ RV Maintenance:


  • Check underneath! Look under your trailer and make sure there are no loose cables or anything that looks out of place. This is especially important if you recently purchased the trailer.



  • Ensure everything is secured within the trailer; nobody wants a tornado made up of valuables within their trailer!


  • Bring tools and something to jump your battery along! You never know when they will come in handy. Better safe than sorry!


  • Practice changing a tire on the RV before you go and ensure you have spares and a jack!


Now that you have done all the basic maintenance, you are ready to get on the road!


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