Should You Get an RV Pet?

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If you are about to venture out on a quest to find yourself or just to experience nature, you are probably scared.


For most, this is not the fear of the unknown or some weird fear of being eaten by a bear, but rather the fear of being alone.


All of a sudden, BOOM, it hits you! You could get a furry companion and bring her or him along with you! They would be forced to stay with you and provide companionship! Perfect!


Luckily for me, I never ran into this issue… mostly because I already had a feline companion before I started traveling.


Although you are embarking on a new journey, you need to remember that getting a pet is still a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY. Once the paperwork is done and the fur ball is in your hands, their life depends on you!


Now that we have established that pets are not to be taken lightly, let’s talk about the issues of having one in your RV.


First of all, there is the lack of space. If you live in a 5th wheel there is already limited space for you, so adding 2 dogs, a cat, and a gerbil may not be the wisest idea. This is true, ten fold, when talking about bringing pets into a class B or even a van!


Oh yeah, did I mention that your pet needs to poop too? I know this may be hard to believe, but all animals do it! If you get a cat, you will need to find space in your abode to accommodate a litter box. On the other hand, with a dog, there will be many cold days spent outside, waiting for your dog to go number two. Not to mention, the possible hikes and adventures that will be cut short to let your dog use the bathroom!


If you are living on the road, you are most likely working with a bit less money in your pockets. This is especially true in your first couple months, as you will most likely be searching high and low for new income streams during this time. 


Which brings me to my next point, pets are expensive. Let’s take my cat, Amelia, for example. Her litter costs about 20 dollars for a 40 pound bag which lasts a maximum of 2 months! Then there is the high quality cat food I purchase; another 35 dollars every 2 months.  That is a minimum of 20 dollars per month! Oh and let’s not forget about possible expenses like vet bills that could pop up!


Remember, these everyday pet expenses are going to increase with the size of your animal!


If I haven’t deterred you yet, CONGRATULATIONS, you are ready to get a little furry companion!


Make sure you get the companion that matches your lifestyle! If you want to go out in the bush for 3 or 4 days and leave your pet at home, consider a cat or smaller animal. That way you have the ability to put out a feeder and a clean litter box, then hit the road.


A dog is clearly the most popular animal. Just remember that they also take more work than most others, and cost more as well!


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