RV Tips and Tricks!

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If you are anything like me, you probably don’t have a whole lot of money!


Anyone who RVs full time knows it can get really expensive, really fast. This is especially true if you don’t take the necessary steps to save and pinch pennies where you can.


Luckily for you, I drained my savings dry in the name of science!


Let’s talk about a few of the simple and cheap tricks I have learned since I started full time traveling two months ago.


Trick Number 1


Go buy a space heater!


On the northern coast of Lake Superior, my RV heater was working day and night! It wasn’t until I filled up my propane tanks ($65) that I realized there was a better way. If you are staying at a campground with electric hookups, you are already paying for electricity! Make sure you are putting it to good use by going out and grabbing an electric space heater from Amazon or Walmart. These heater will only run you 20 to 100 dollars, depending on the size of your RV, and will save you buckets in the long run!


Trick Number 2


Make sure you have rechargeable battery banks for when you don’t have power!


This takes me back to my first tip, when you have electric hookups, use the hell out of them! Charge everything to maximum capacity while you are hooked up! I personally have THREE battery power banks of varying sizes. One of which can also be charged via portable solar panels that I keep with me at all times.


You should go ahead and invest in a larger battery that has the potential to charge a laptop multiple times, as well as jump your car battery or inflate your tires. These can be real life savers!


Make sure to have a small portable power bank to charge mobile devices and other little gadgets as well!


Trick Number 3


Buy a bunch of 5 gallon jugs.


Yes, the ones that go on top of those office water dispensers!


This is especially important if you are doing a lot of boondocking.


Having 10-25 gallons of extra drinking water, outside of your RVs water tank, can really come in handy! Whether you are dry camping or just choose to save money by staying at electric only campsites, you will be glad to have them!


Every time you are at a campsite that has clean drinking water, fill them up when you come in, as well as when you leave.


You never know when you may run out of that sweet nectar of life in the middle of nowhere!


Trick Number 4


Buy a teapot!


This is a pretty common item in most RVs, but if you don’t have one… do you not drink coffee?


Okay, even if, for some odd reason, you don’t drink coffee, buy a teapot!


Tons of free campgrounds don’t have running water; however, I have found that many do have clean streams or rivers near them. If you run out of water, or something happens to your water supply, you can always run down to the stream and use your teapot to sanitize it.


Did you know boiling water for ONE minute kills basically any bacteria that you would find in drinking water?!


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